Engagement sessions are a chance to connect with each other, explore a beautiful place, and create memories. Think of these as a date night that just happens to be third-wheeled by a couple with some cameras! 

Adventurous Couples + Engagements

serah + Noah 

Maddi + Tyler 

Hannah + Mark 

Chanda + ANdy 

Emily + Josh

Emily + Cody

Dani + Henry

Olivia + Caleb

Claudia + Jasem

Sara + Olivia

Heather + Lee

Charley + Taylor

Central park carmel

Bottleworks Hotel

Purdue Campus

Fountain Square

Carmel Palladium 

chicago, IL

Eagle Creek Park

Bottleworks Hotel

Brown County

Bottleworks District

Indianapolis, IN

Culver, IN

Mikala + Bryan 

Coxhall gardens

Eagle creek park 

Holliday Park

Lynlea + Michael 

Marissa + Kaleb 

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