HEY! HEY! You made it to my favorite part of planning your session! We are so lucky to have so many incredible options around the Carmel/Indy area! These are a few of my absolute favorite locations to shoot at around the area. I have listed what time of year is best for these locations in the description. These locations may look different depending on the time of year and whether it's a cloudy or sunny day! Don't worry we can create magic no matter where you choose! 

Located on the northern west side of Indy is this incredible location. This place basically has it all. A pebble beach, boardwalks, tall grassy areas and tall pines. This location is incredible year round including the winter! This location does have an entrance fee of $7. 

Located in downtown Indy, this place is a photographers dream! The Bottleworks district features incredible architecture, reflective windows and  the best green garage doors. There is also a food hall right next door that means you could include pizza or ice cream in your session as well!  This place is great because you can dress it up or down! You do have to book a room to be able to shoot inside the bottleworks hotel but there are plenty of great areas outdoors that are free! 

Located on the north side of Carmel. This hidden gem may not look like much when you  first arrive but there is so much to explore. From tall grassy fields, a creek and many hidden trails you really can't go wrong. This location is the best in the spring and summer!

Located Right in the heart of Carmel. This location is easily in my top 3 favorite locations! There is the cutest little picnic grotto. The most beautiful tall grassy areas and wildflowers. This place is stunning year round! 

Located in Carmel. This place is the best of both worlds with stunning architecture and amazing weeping willows. This location is beautiful year round but if your wanting to include the weeping willows I highly recommend going in the spring or summer! 

If your wanting the urban feel without having to deal with downtown traffic this is a great location. It reminds of New York and I'm obsessed. This is such a quiet and easy going location. I personally love it in the winter months!

Located in the northern middle part of Indy. This park is stunning and unique. Holliday park is unlike any other location. The highlight of this location is the ruins and beautiful tropical flowers. There is also miles of wooden trails along a river if your up for a hike! I wish more people chose this location because it is stunning. It's beautiful year round but summer is definitely the best! I recommend a sunrise session for this location!

If you choose this location I will love you forever! This is hands down one of the most incredible indoor locations I have ever shot at! The statehouse is free to shoot at during open hours!  Its great for super hot summer days or the freezing winter months.

Newfields is such an incredible museum and gardens! There are so many incredible spots and it is such a unique spot in indy. You really cant go wrong with this location. You can make it feel su0per formal and romantic or casual and timeless. There is a $50 permit fee to shoot here but its totally worth it!! 

Another great location in downtown Indy. This is a great urban / industrial location that has so many hidden options. This is great year round!  I recommend this location for a Sunday session, that way it's not so crowded and its free parking! 

- Canal Walk 
- 100 Acre Woods
- Newfields (requires a permit and fee)
-Village of West Clay
-Holcomb Gardens

As always I want to capture you! If you have a favorite location that you visit often or somewhere you go to watch the sunset consider that as a location. It's always great to have a session somewhere you have a relation with. I also recommend props or fun items that make it you. This can be anything from a music instrument to a full picnic with pizza and beer. 

 Location Guide

Cool Creek Park 

Central Park  

Coxhall Gardens

Carmel City Center

Holliday Park

State house 


Fountain Square

Other Location Options

Make it You! 

Eagle Creek Park 

Bottleworks District 


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